Hi, I'm Renata 

Proud late bloomer & coach to other stubborn types 
who yearn for purpose over thirty and beyond... 

What If you woke up tomorrow tickled pink by the view of your day ?
(I just heard you say "preach !", didn't I ?) 

So throw away those nasty birthday cards for "past their prime" mums with no vistas ahead...

I'll show you how to find your unique direction, turn yourself into the go-getter you're itching to be and live life that screams
"Move aside people, a woman on a mission coming through !"

The youngsters have nothing on you. You've found your tribe. Let's hang. 

You rock. Make your days rock too. Grown-up style.

Amy Bernard

" I never knew what I wanted to do in life, what my One thing was. I thought - well, maybe not everyone is meant to jump out of bed ready excited about the world. I almost settled for the life I was living. A well-paying job, family. The usual. Renata helped me rekindle my passions, dig out my hidden talents and get the confidence I needed to start afresh. I never thought I will start a new career after 40. And here I am. I have my own architecture practice. Couldn't be happier. Thanks. "

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I know what you're thinking... 

If you're anything like me, you hesitate (a lot) before committing to something. Because you only want to choose things that mean something to you. You're wired that way, I get it. I say, listen to your gut, that usually works out best. And while your gut figures things out think about the joy, peace and sense of relief that living life on purpose will bring (did you just smile a little ?). I hope you'll get there one day with or without me (it would be great to e-meet you though).

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